Okay, here is how we are going to do this thing:

This is Catman:

This is George Cattington:

This is a, um, carrcat? A what! I don’t know, that’s a stupid name!

Do you want a cat that is also a thing? Of course you do! Here is what to do!

CALL or EMAIL a New York State Senator who is undecided or unconfirmed on the Marriage Equality bill. here is Maureen Johnson’s post with all the details, including how to approach a phone call. Send me your message confirmation if you email, or let me know the result of your call, and tell me what thing or person (or place, I guess) you would like a cat to be. I will draw for at least ten people, and then we’ll see how I am doing with keeping up. If you’ve already done this, that counts, too.

You know you want a cat that is a thing! Also you want everyone to be allowed to get married. Weddings and cats for everyone!